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Origins 2011: Registration

The Creation Geology Society and the Creation Biology Society are pleased to announce their official joint meeting: ORIGINS 2011.  The meeting will be held at South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City, South Dakota, July 28-30.  If you are looking for registration for the technical CBS/CGS conference, please click here.

ORIGINS 2011 Conference

Date: July 28-30 (Thursday & Friday evening, Saturday)

2011 marks a joyful anniversary for the creation movement. Fifty years ago, Dr. John Whitcomb and Dr. Henry Morris teamed up to publish The Genesis Flood, a landmark scriptural AND scientific defense of a young Earth.

Today, the creation community is stronger than ever, and ORIGINS 2011 is the chance to see and hear the cutting-edge in creation research. It’s been a long time since The Genesis Flood, and a lot has changed!

Ten scientists and educators, representing eight young-Earth creation ministries and colleges will gather at South Canyon Baptist Church on the evenings of July 28 and 29, and all day on July 30. Come to see the very best in creation geology, biology, and education.  

Cost is only $60 per person, or email us about the group rates ($50/person for 5-10, $40/person for 10 or more).

Special Speakers

John Morris (Institute for Creation Research)

Randy Guliuzza (Institute for Creation Research)
Steve Austin (Creationist Geologist and Speaker)
Art Chadwick (Southwestern Adventist University)
Joe Francis (The Master's College)
Marcus Ross (Liberty University)
Kurt Wise (Truett-McConnell College)
Todd Wood (Center for Origins Research, Bryan College)

This conference will be held in conjunction with the annual technical conference of the Creation Geology Society and the Creation Biology Society. There will also be a Wednesday geological field trip available.  If you are interested in attending either of these events, click here for details on how to register.