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A Baraminological Analysis of the Tribe Heliantheae sensu lato (Asteraceae) Using Analysis of Pattern (ANOPA)

David P. Cavanaugh and Todd Charles Wood
Occas. Papers of the BSG No. 1, pp. 1-11
©2002 BSG.


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Morphological characteristics from 97 genera representing the major groups of tribe Heliantheae sensu lato and several outgroups were analyzed using Analysis of Pattern (ANOPA) and baraminic distance correlation. The ANOPA results revealed a complex structure that does not correspond to any previous classification and does not exhibit any obvious discontinuity. The baraminic distance correlation confirmed continuity between all taxa studied. Taken together, results from this study and our previous one (Wood and Cavanaugh 2001) strongly support monobaraminic status for tribes Heliantheae s. l. and Eupatorieae collectively. This monobaramin contains 5730 species, more than 25% of the sunflower family.