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An Evaluation of Lineages and Trajectories as Baraminological Membership Criteria

Todd Charles Wood and David P. Cavanaugh
Occas. Papers of the BSG No. 2, pp. 1-6
©2003 BSG.


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Walter ReMine proposed that organisms that formed a 'true lineage' belonged to the same monobaramin. Here, we critically evaluate this proposal and find it self-contradictory. ReMine's definition of the "true lineage" presupposes the very thing that the true lineage purportedly demonstrates. Wise's definition of "lineage" is more descriptive (and thus usable) but is cumbersome and difficult to apply. Using Analysis of Pattern, we discovered two sets of taxa that exhibit lineage-like patterns in 3D ANOPA. We propose to call such linear arrangements biological trajectories. We define a biological trajectory as a linear or curvilinear arrangement of organisms in biological character space, for which we have independent evidence of a transition through time. Because we define them in descriptive terms, biological trajectories may be used as additive evidence in identification of monobaramins.