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About the CBS: Who We Are

Download the By-Laws (PDF)

According to the by-laws, the mission of the CBS is to develop and nurture a community of dedicated researchers committed to understanding the life sciences from a young-age creationist perspective through meetings and publications.

Activities in Support of Mission
The CBS sponsors and encourages participation in a variety of activities designed to achieve our overall mission, including:
  • Maintaining a website that acts as an information resource and outreach for the CBS.
  • Encouraging individual and corporate research projects.
  • Publishing an online, peer-reviewed journal, Occasional Papers of the BSG
  • Organizing annual conferences

The CBS is run by an Executive Council of eight members, all of whom hold the Young Earth Creation (YEC) position. The membership of the CBS votes for the EC members, and the EC then votes for its own officers (president, secretary, treasurer, etc.).  We do not require any doctrinal position to be a member, to participate in conferences, or to serve on the Editorial Board.  We strive to select fair and respectful individuals to speak at our conferences and serve on the editorial board, and we encourage specialists of any position who would like to participate or just watch to come to our conferences.

The CBS is a professional society of researchers in the biological and related sciences or theology who (1) hold or are working towards an advanced degree in a relevant field (exceptions to this are made on an individual basis) and (2) are interested in our mission of developing a creationist understanding of biology.  Adherence to the CBS doctrinal statement is only required of EC members, not of the general membership.

Relationship to the "Creation-Evolution Debate"
Because we are dedicated to building creation models that can be evaluated by both scientifically informed creationists and evolutionary biologists alike, criticizing and debunking evolution is not our focus. While we reject strict materialistic presuppositions as a basis for science, we respect scientists who hold that view as being intellectually honest in interpreting data in accord with evolutionary theory. As an independent affiliation, the CBS has no formal ties with any creationist or Intelligent Design organizations or with any Christian colleges.

Taxonomic Concepts and Methods
We are trained in evolutionary theory and utilize standard concepts and methods in systematics, such as cladistics, multivariate statistics, the taxonomic hierarchy, founder effect, etc. where such concepts are appropriate. However, we find overwhelming evidence for phylogenetic discontinuity among major groups and, thus, discard the prevailing assumption that all living things are related in a great "Tree of Life". As a result of this departure from conventional science, we have developed additional concepts and methods to meet our needs in studying discontinuity and describing the history of created kinds.

Historical Context of Views
Many of the views that are attributed by evolutionists to "what creationists believe" date from Aristotle. During the Renaissance the established Church adopted those as Christian doctrine, leading pre-Darwinian science to operate on those assumptions. The picture of earth history that post-Darwinian biblical scientists have extracted from Scripture is very different from the historical positions commonly associated with medieval creationism.

Consensus Positions on Various Origins Topics
Our positions on such topics as species fixity, origins of biodiversity, imperfection, uniformitarianism, phylogenetic continuity, and stratomorphic fossil series may surprise many evolutionists unfamiliar with the writings of scientifically informed creationists.